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Fire Risk Assessment London

Offering you:
Fire Risk Assessments - Fire Safety Management - Fire Safety Training - Fire Safety Systems Design - Fire Safety Audits -Fire Safety Systems

Providing fire risk assessments for:

Fire risk assessment london


Help for Heroes


Fire risk assessments london

Fire risk assesment in london

Fire Safety Training london

Fire risk assessor london


About Us

Facilities Consultancy Limited is a London based fire risk assessment and training company.

With 13 years experience in the field of Property management and fire safety across all sectors our Managing Director established Facilities Consultancy ltd in 2009. He holds qualification in fire safety and management from the Fire Protection Association College in Gloucester.

We aim to help the business community by keeping their life and property safe.

All our risk assessors and trainers are fully qualified and certified to carry out woks as per the Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

We offer support and advice with a full range of services, from small to large projects, compliance and everything in between related to Health and safety and particularly Fire Safety and management.

In this current financial climate we all need good advice, value for money services and quality work which follows the required legislations.

So if you have a fire safety or health and safety need or query, pick up the phone or email us and let us help you.

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Call now on: 01753 680497<