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Fire Risk Assessment

Offering you:
Comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments - Free Advice On Your Fire Risk Assessment
- The Law on Fire Safety - Qualified Fire Risk Assessors

Providing fire risk assessments for:

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Fire risk assessments london

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Fire Safety Training london

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Fire Risk Assessments

The majority of UK companies are required to have a Fire Risk Assessment by law, however getting a Fire Risk Assessment need not be a time consuming and onerous task. Outsourcing your Fire Risk Assessment to qualified Fire Safety assessors means that your Fire Risk Assessment can be in place quickly and efficiently.

Here at Facilities Consultancy we provide high quality fire risk assessments for all types of businesses in and around London, carried out by expert Fire Risk Assessors.

In this Fire Risk Assessment section you will find information on:

On these pages you will find out information about exactly who needs a fire risk assessment and who is responsible for getting a fire risk assessment, the law on fire safety and who it applies to, and what we offer in terms of fire risk assessments.

If you are still unsure about a fire risk assessment contact our Fire Risk Assessors today for a free evaluation!

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