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Fire Risk Assessment London

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Fire Risk Equipment - Fire Safety Management - Fire Safety Training - Fire Safety Systems Design - Fire Safety Audits -Fire Safety Systems

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Fire risk assessment london


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Fire risk assessments london

Fire risk assesment in london

Fire Safety Training london

Fire risk assessor london


Quality Fire extinguishers available at lowest prices guaranteed.

   2 KG CO2 Fire Extinguisher CE and BSI Kitemarked. Newly manufactured

   Recommended for use on electrical equipment and flammable liquids.

   Extinguisher Rating: 34B and electrical

   Supplied with wall bracket and horn as standard

   Kitemarked (BS EN3: 1996) and CE marked

   Ideal for small offices and shops


   £20 + VAT

Technical Data

Weight 4.91kg
Capacity 2kg
Extinguisher Agent CO2
Discharge Time 10 seconds
Discharge Range 4 metres
Working Pressure 55bar at 20°C
Dimensions (HxDia) 500 x 100 mm

5 year warranty on all parts

Passed the 35kv electric conductivity discharge test


 6 LITRE AFF FOAM Fire Extinguisher CE and BSI Kitemarked.

 Kitemarked (BS EN3: 1996) and CE marked. 

 Suitable for use on  flammable liquids and flammable  solid materials.

 Recommended for use on fires fuelled by solid material and burning liquids.

 Extinguisher Rating: 13A and 144B.

 Supplied with wall bracket as standard


  £19 + VAT

Technical Data

Weight 9.50kg
Capacity 6ltr
Extinguisher Agent AFFF Foam
Discharge Time > 15 secs
Discharge Range > 3.5 metres
Temperature Range 0°C to +60°C
Working Pressure 12 bar at 20°C

Dimensions (HxWxD): 551x238x162mm

Easy to read pressure gauge 

5 year warranty on all parts 


  Extra Value Set

  CE Marked and Kitemarked 

  2 KG CO2 + 6 Litre Foam Fire Extinguishers.

  Supplied with wall bracket as standard.

  5 year warranty on all parts 


  £ 40 + VAT

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